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6th International KES Conference on Agents and Multi-agent Systems Technologies and Applications


KES-AMSTA-2013 is an international scientific conference for research in the field of agent and multi-agent systems. The aim of the conference is to provide an internationally respected forum for scientific research in the technologies and applications of agent and multi-agent systems.

Agents and multi-agent systems are related to a modern software paradigm which has long been recognized as a promising technology for constructing autonomous, complex and intelligent systems. This conference will provide an excellent opportunity for researchers to discuss modern approaches and techniques for agent and multi-agent systems and their applications.

KES-AMSTA-2012 is organised by KES International and Zagreb University, Croatia. The conference will take place in Dubrovnic, one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Croatia.

The conference will consist of keynote talks, oral and poster presentations, invited sessions and workshops, on the technologies and applications of agent and multi-agent systems, as well as intelligent systems in the field of social networks, self-organisation and trust. It will provide excellent opportunities for the presentation of interesting new research results, modern approaches and discussion about them, leading to knowledge transfer and generation of new ideas.

Dubrovnik, Croatia
25-27 June 2012

University of Zagreb