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Doctoral Track

Ph.D students are invited to submit papers to the Doctoral Track. Proposals for workshops and special sessions are also welcome.

Call for papers

If you are a PhD student in agents and multi-agent systems, ...

you should submit to Doctoral Track @ KES-AMSTA 2012. It offers you ...

All contributions should be high quality, original and not published elsewhere or submitted for publication during the review period. To ensure high quality, all papers will be thoroughly reviewed by the KES-AMSTA 2012 International Programme Committee. Submitted papers should be prepared in Springer LNCS/LNAI style and should not exceed 10 pages. Please see the web site for details of the required paper format.

Different from other KES-AMSTA 2012 papers, Doctoral Track paper addresses specifically the Ph.D. student's thesis! The paper should:

Scope of the Doctoral Track

Agent Systems

Formal models of agency. Agent architectures. BDI architecture. Learning, evolution, and adaptation. Perception and action. Communication: languages, semantics, pragmatics, protocols, and conversations. Knowledge representation. Computational complexity. Autonomous or humanoid robots. Social robots and robot teams. Autonomy aspect. Cognitive models, including emotions and philosophies. Embodied and believable agents. Emergent behaviour. Ontologies.

Multi-agent Systems

Cooperative distributed problem solving. Task and resource allocation. Mechanism design, auctions, and game theory. Modelling other agents and self. Multi-agent planning. Negotiation protocols. Multi-agent learning. Conflict resolution. Trust and reputation management. Privacy, safety and security. Scalability, robustness and dependability. Social and organizational structures. Verification and validation. Novel computing paradigms (autonomic, grid, P2P, ubiquitous computing). Brokering and matchmaking. Agent-oriented software engineering, including implementation languages and frameworks. Mobile agents. Performance, scalability, robustness, and dependability. Verification and validation. E-business agents. Pervasive computing. Privacy, safety, and security.

Tools and Applications

Simulation systems. Web services and service-oriented computing. Artificial social systems. Autonomic computing. Case studies and reports on deployments. Computational infrastructures. Information retrieval. Web services and semantic web. E-learning systems. E-institutions. E-commerce.

***Feature Topics***

Intelligent technologies and applications in the area of e-health, social networking, self-organizing systems and trust management.

The Call for Papers for Doctoral Track at KES-AMSTA-2012 is available .. here ..

Dubrovnik, Croatia
25-27 June 2012

University of Zagreb