KES International

KES-AMSTA-12 Invited Sessions

Session CodeTitleWeb SiteChairAffiliationContact Email
IS01Title CFP ChairAffiliation, Country email
IS01Intelligent Workflow, Cloud Computing and Intelligent Systems CFP Dr Jessica Chen-BurgerUniversity of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
 co-chaired by Professor Lakhmi JainUniversity of South Australia, Australia 
 co-chaired by Dr. Fang-Pang LinNational Centre for High-Performance Computing, HsinChu, Taiwan 
 co-chaired by Professor Ching-Long YehTatung University, Taiwan 
IS02Digital Economy CFP Dr Arkadiusz KawaPozna˝ University of Economics, Poland
 co-chaired by Dr Jessica Chen-BurgerUniversity of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK 
 co-chaired by Mr. Konrad FuksPozna˝ University of Economics, Poland 
IS03Assessment Methodologies in Multi-agent and other Paradigms CFP Prof. Jadranka SundeDefence Science and Technology Organisation and University of South Australia
 co-chaired by Prof Marina CicinsainUniversity of Rijeka, Croatia
IS04TRUMAS 2012 (First International Workshop on Trustworthy Multi Agent Systems) CFP Dr. Nicola DragoniDTU, Denmark
 co-chaired by Dr. Manuel MazzaraNewcastle University, UK
IS05ICT-based Alternative and Augmentative Communication CFP Dr. Äeljka CarUniversity of Zagreb, Croatia